Become your own SELF-HEALER!

Just read this INTRODUCTION and find how simple and powerful is program 4 STEPS TEACHING OF SELF-HEALING!



(Bases for Body, Mind and Spirit Healing)

I am confident that after the absorption of this program, you’ll be one of the thousands of people who will say: “this is a congenial discovery”!  

Almost forgotten, ancient Chinese methods of self-healing are redesigned for launching as a huge contribution to humanity and the modern world!

These prodigious new methods of self-healing compound the classical treatment of physical body exams and exercises acting on the energetic level, with deep interventions on the spiritual plane, engaging willpower as a core element for the definite shift. They provide powerful mind exercises, meditations, a series of rituals and autohypnosis, aimed at elevating ability to make changes on the deepest levels of subconscious mind, in combination with the physical exercises (as a trigger), finally reflecting as a positive aspect of physical changes.

This program is a result of several years of studying and practicing, and…

it is designed to make you your own self-healer!

The program contains 4 steps as 4 separate session stages.

The first step is INTRODUCTION to ancient Chinese methods of self-healing, where you will learn revolutionary simplified, sophisticated methods of self-healing, prepared for your immediate practice!

You’ll be guided through the program, step by step, with the final goal, to follow the fastest way to the best result.

So, once again, this program is focused on combining ancient physical practices with mental strength empowerment, by using all mind resources, providing an implementation of positive thoughts on the deep subconscious level, setting a field for habitual acceptance on the conscious level.

First of all, I’m going to help you to unleash old paradigms and to start to believe that you are able to heal yourself without any external medical treatments. This may sound shocking, or at least something in the realm of the incomprehensible. It is you who has a right “not to believe” at this point; no worries, as neither did I before I personally applied it myself several years ago.

Believe it or not, I experienced sensational results at once!

That’s where I started from. So, I was curious and tried to use these powerful methods, helping other people, my family, friends, and others.

And guess what – there were outstanding, remarkable achievements at the very beginning!

I continued working tenaciously, patiently studying this matter and practicing persistently, day by day, month by month, improving and declining with incredible efficiency, and after few years, I found this miraculous way to enhance this ability dramatically, this time not only at the energy level (which is the subject of the session, step No. 2, where we use physical  exercises for unblocking main energy meridians), but also on the spiritual level (which is the subject of the session, step No. 3, where we combine physical and mental exercises congruently).

The fourth, final session goes further, enabling you to CERTIFY (CLARIFY) YOUR SELF.


At this step, you will allow yourself to provide self-healing methods on your own, freely and successfully, until the end of your life!

Sound good?

Of course, and it makes sense because all live beings have this innate ability gifted by nature, as well as humans.

The main intention of this program is to help you to wake up this gift of Nature, and guide you to go deeper for the best results.

I know that inner blockages and self-sabotages are deeply anchored on the subconscious level, making you stuck, with a deficit of positive energy.

There are exercises, enhanced with powerful meditations and mantras as rituals that are directed to unblock all the stuckness, and dramatically boost your positive energy.

This program also contains…





Ancient Chinese self-healing methods aligned with powerful mental exercises

 The bigger picture

On my journey to self-realization, studying the role of the mind power in terms of linking our spiritual, mental, energetic and physical aspects, I tapped into ancient Chinese philosophy and medicine. A series of events led me to come in close touch with a guru and the world’s No. 1 promoter and master of ancient Chinese medicine, Mr. Hongchi Xiao.

With his consent, I translated his books “Paida and Lajin Self-Healing” into the Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian languages, and I found those special methods as the best for self-healing. They are very simple, but also extremely effective.

This program is an upgrade of this knowledge, and is contributed to the world!

Consider this:

  1. The human body (physical body) is sufficiently perfect, so well organized, that it has its own healing system, which basically does not need “external medical treatments”, but just a right impulse, which can "wake up" (initiate) autonomously; an Auto-Correct System (in further text, ACS). This system, when correctly triggered, works automatically, cleaning all blockages (illnesses) regardless of what we call or how we define each of them. All kinds of diseases are the result of energy imbalance and meridian blockages. So, this triggering impulse should be perfect, in an ideal case, or it could be targeting different levels of blockages, which is the second scenario.
  2. This external impulse is launching internal processes enabling energy hubs, correcting imbalance of positive and negative energy (increasing repressed positive, at the expense of dominant negative energy, which is the cause of all known and unknown diseases); starting the chemical processes in the body through the endocrine activities, hormone secretion, of serotonin (by daily exercises), dopamine (positive impact on our feelings), and cortisone (whose dominance could have negative impacts on health), leads to stabilizing and bringing the body into balance for functioning the optimal healthy way.

These are the basis of Yin and Yang in ancient Chinese philosophy and medicine.

  1. I found that the strength of external impulses is closely connected with the power of belief.

This internal mental impulse enhanced by willpower works on the subconscious level, and this is a field where we do enforcement, by using different powerful mental exercises.

  1. Traditional physical practices, enhanced by certain mental exercises, are triggering ACS to scan and clean the body energy blockages with optimal response.

What is actually happening here?

We must accept the fact that the human body is not just what we are taught at school. There is a parallel manifestation of our physical body, our energetic body! The so-called energy field is the plane from where our subconscious mind projects all our physical manifestations. All these negative emotions, self-sabotages, bad memories and paradigms are manifested as blockages in energy meridians, causing physical and mental diseases. The only place where we can operate to eliminate blockages is the same, where they came from: the energy field. In the further context of our program, we’ll see how it works.

All the exercises, exams, and mental practices, as techniques of energy healing, will be shown and provided in the second session of this program.

These physical practices are very simple; everybody can start to use them immediately. In the first session, we’ll start with the basic exercise, step by step, which has the physically-triggering impact on energy flow, unblocking energy blockages at the first level, and you’ll see instantaneous effects. This is the most effective in cleaning blockages in the main energy meridian, which is connected with complex diseases. It is especially effective for the lower back, spine, leg and arm problems, as a consequence of blockages in this meridian.

Continuing to perform these exercises on daily basis should bring obvious positive results in stabilizing high blood pressure, blood circulation, the level of cholesterol and blood sugar in the long term. This has been shown in many mainstream scientific medical tests, provided all around the world. During this program, you will be introduced to more details as well.

As a conclusion for this quick introduction, from my perspective, after a big experience of all amazing effects and results, I want to express my positive attitude, because I’m sure that after you embrace these amazing methods as a daily habit, with passion, it will bring you that self-confidence necessary for rejection of all existing paradigms about “not believing” in the existence of the solution for health problems of any kind. This will also lead to the final rejection of all accumulated "old bad habits" that usually project plenty of negative effects on our physical and mental health, and lead to total disconnectedness.









1 thought on “INTRODUCTION”

  1. This is a really amazing program! After absolving just the first step (first physical exercise), my back pain released, so I continued providing further steps. After one week, my blood pressure was stabilized and I quit of my “lifetime medical pill treatment”.
    Simply, this totally changed my life! Providing all physical and mental exercises started to be my daily habit.
    Not only this, now I am able to help my family and friends (my mother feels much better after applying these exercises).
    Simply I highly recommend using this program to anybody, because it is very easy, showing immediate effects, and most important, it is free!
    Thank you, Zlatan!

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