I am confident that after the absorption of this program, you’ll be one of the thousands of people who will say: “this is a congenial discovery”!  


These prodigious new methods of self-healing compound the classical treatment of physical body exams and exercises acting on the energetic level, with deep interventions on the spiritual plane, engaging willpower as a core element for the definite shift.


This extra-short instant and miraculous training is a foundation for tapping into another, higher level of super-self-development, the next stage of your future deeper self-realization.  It will open the gate of higher consciousness, which accommodates only geniuses!


Almost forgotten, ancient Chinese methods of self-healing, are redesigned for launching as a huge contribution to humanity and modern world!

This program is a result of several years studying and practicing, and it is designed to make you your own self-healer!


How it works?

Program contains 4 steps as 4 separate session stages.

The first step is INTRODUCTION to ancient Chinese methods of self-healing, where you will meet revolutionary simplified, sophisticated methods of self-healing, which you can apply by your own immediately!

You’ll be guided through the program, step by step!

At the Step No. 2, we use physical exercises for unblocking main energy meridians.

At the Step No. 3, we combine physical and mental exercises congruently.

The Fourth, final session goes further, enabling you to CERTIFY (CLARIFY) YOUR SELF.

At this step, you will allow yourself to provide self-healing methods by your own, freely and successfully, until the end of your life!